Original Venom Basketball Poisonous 9527


   Finals G2, Reba (neck sprain) and Dragic (plantar fascia tear) were absent due to injury.


   Then there is no need to watch this game, just shout those five words and it's over!


   But it was precisely these two giants who were unable to play and gave Leonard a chance to start the game. Isn't this exactly what we are looking forward to a whole year of Leonard vs. James playoffs!


   However, the talent gap between the two teams' current lineups cannot be reversed by a name alone. The Lakers, even Green and Pope, have missed all three-pointers with more than 6 open three-point opportunities.


   "Bald Mamba" Caruso was brutally treated by the Heat's two players Nunn and Olynik.


   couldn't stop the Lakers from establishing the trend of winning the game in the first quarter. Howard, who continued to start the game, ruled the interior. He quickly scored 6 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block in a single quarter.


   Not to mention James, playing football today was like walking with the old man, and his opponent was really good-looking, and he was calm and relaxed to adjust his shooting posture to make a steady hit.


   can't engage in personal physical confrontation with Reba, so angry that the thick eyebrow brother catching the ball is just a dunk.


   At this time, the real third giant Rondo stood up and regained his former passing master status. First he gave Lao Zhan an open basket 2+1, and then he helped Brother Nongmei to take a 2+1 open basket.

这时,真正的第三巨头隆多站起来,恢复了他过去的传球大师身份。首先,他给老湛2 + 1的空缺,然后帮助农美弟兄拿2 + 1的开放筐。

Under the leadership of these four big men who have seen countless wind and rain, the Lakers shot a total of 27 three-pointers in the team's history in the first half of the playoffs, hitting 9; the team's two-pointer shooting rate is even more murderous. 85%, the paint scored a 17-for-15 horror performance, really doing whatever they want inside the Heat!

在这四位风雨无阻的四位大个子的带领亚博网页版下,湖人队在季后赛上半场共射出27支三分球,达到9支。球队的两分球命中率甚至更高。 85%的油漆表现出15分17的恐怖表现,在热火队内他们真正想要做的一切!

   Among them, thick eyebrows made 7 of 8 shots in the half of the game, plus/minus +14. Since the 1996-97 season has complete round statistics, he is the first player to get this data in the final half of the game.


   Fortunately, the Heat also have a tough black Butler. He turned into an organization forward with 11 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 1 steal in 21 minutes, helping the team not fall behind too much in the first half.


   But Brother Nongmei used 8 of 7 and scored 15 points and 5 rebounds in the third quarter, completely shattering the Heat's counterattack hope, and always let the Lakers firmly grasp the score advantage.


   At this time, the veteran Haslem, who has 3 championship rings, stood up and cheered for his teammates. He seemed very excited, but his expression was slightly depressed.


After the training of   ha, the whole team of the Heat was inspired. JB and his brother took the lead, and the two risked injury to surround Lao Zhan.

经过ha的训练,热火的整个团队得到了启发。 JB和他的兄弟亚博网页版登录界面带头,两个人冒着受伤的危险包围了老詹。

   Previously, there were few performance opportunities, and Nunn, who was known as a defensive loophole, sent him a big hat.


   But the overall situation has been decided. All the Heat's last quarter efforts have been reduced to ashes. In the end, the Lakers 124-114 made another victory, leading the series 2-0.


   In this case, the Lakers have a record of 4 wins and 0 losses in the Mamba jersey, and they have not yet failed!


   Old Zhan Nongmei still played impeccably. He scored 33 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists and 0 turnovers, 32 points and 14 rebounds respectively. He became the first teammate to score 30+ in the finals after Kobe O’Neal in 2002.

老詹农美仍然表现出色。他得到33分,9个篮板,9次助攻和0次失误,分别得到32分和14个篮板。自2002年科比·奥尼尔(Kobe O’Neal)以来,他成为第一个在决赛中得分超过30分的队友。

   Finally, I would like to say a good news that is more happier than winning. In an interview with Chris Haynes from Yahoo! Yesterday, Big Eyebrow firmly stated that he would follow Lao Zhan and hope to make at least 9 more finals.

最后,我想说一个比获胜更快乐的好消息。在接受Yahoo!的Chris Haynes的采访时!昨天,Big Eyebrow坚定地表示,他将跟随老詹,并希望至少再打9次决赛。

   As long as the Lakers won the championship without making a mistake, it is a certainty to renew the long-term contract this summer. The prospects for the team are quite bright, and they can be guaranteed to be the absolute favorite in the next few years.