Powering Audio Search for Video

“Across the Production Premium toolset, Adobe has provided increased support for metadata… [pause for audience applause]. What? You didn’t clap? Well metadata is pretty dang important—it can speed up your editing, improve collaboration, or even make your videos more accessible on the Web. Sure, it’s not as enticing as yet another tutorial on making things glow, but give it a shot.”

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Tech Shopping Deals

There are lots of shopping deals this weekend.... Here are a few that I’ve already taken advantage of.

Delkin Devices25% off and free shipping. This includes a Blu-ray burner, multiple types of card readers (I ordered a 4 card reader to load from 4 Compact Flash cards at once)! Use the code HOLIDAY during checkout.

equinox – Makers of useful software utilities like Coverscout (to get iTunes artwork) and several templates for OSX mail. I ordered the tube stick bundle for $99 that lets you record over-the-air digital TV signals to your Mac, then transcode them for use on iPod or iPhone. Several bundles that are 50% off.

Mophie Get the JuicePack for iPhone and iPod Touch. Doubles your battery life and makes for a long day of web work on the device. Take 25% off this weekend. Use the code gobblegobble3G.

Hop you enjoy... I get nothing from links... this is just what I spent money on and thought the deals were good.


Review of Premiere Elements 4 (4.5 out of 5)

“You might be thinking, “What’s consumer software doing in a pro magazine?” The short answer is that if you aren’t using the Adobe Master Collection or the Production Premium suite, you probably need Adobe Premiere Elements 4. Whether you work as an advertiser, designer, developer, or photographer, you most likely have an interest in making videos or DVDs.
Sure, Adobe offers the very capable video applications found in the Creative Suite product line but for many users, it’s hard to spring for the “whole enchilada.” When I sat down with Premiere Elements, I was immediately impressed. The product offers an easy-to-use toolset that addresses the needs of many users.

Here’s the lowdown: Premiere Elements only runs on Windows machines. If you’re a Mac user, you should be looking to iMovie and iDVD ’08 to fill the same needs. On the PC side, the market has been woefully underserved by offerings from Adaptec and Microsoft. With version 4 of Premiere Elements, Adobe clearly steps up to offer a dramatic redesign, combining power with ease of use (an Adobe trademark).”

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NAB Video Blog

I just got back from NAB this morning... here are a handful of videos we produced while on the road.

The Red Scarlet: A First Look

Adobe Media Player at NAB 2008

On the Scene at NAB 2008

The AJA IO HD with Gary Adcock

The Litepanels Micro

The Litepanels Micro

Hope you Enjoy!


Final Cut Help - Compressing for the Web

Join Apple Certified Trainer Richard Harrington as he shows you how to compress your video for web distribution via Compressor.

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H.264 Video in a Jiffy

If you need to create H.264 video files fast... be sure to check out the Turbo H.264 from Elgato. This USB sized device offers a dedicated H.264 encoding chip for less than $100. In our tests... we were flying through video compression tasks. For example, we recently encoded a bunch of hour long video, each taking about 7 minutes. The speed is amazing and the quality is very good. The new software they've released even lets you customize your export templates for custom sizes and data rates (several presets for other portable media players are included).

The Best Price we've found is $89.


Keep Two Sets of Cables Handy

A mantra that we like to repeat often is this: 90% of all problems are cable problems. A bad cable can destroy your production. From pops in the interview, to a flickering client monitor, a bad cable can do all sorts of damage.

Cables are cheap, re-shoots are not. To avoid expensive problems keep two sets of audio, video, and FireWire cables with your camera bag. And when a cable goes bad, toss it and replace it.