Sep 2008


Richard Harrington discusses the mDialog ( online video platform with Greg Philpott at the 2008 New Media Expo.


Two Great Tools for Blogs

Just a quick post.... there are two pieces of tech I’ve been using on my blogs (both are free).

Lijit adds a great search engine to your site. You can create your own search network including multiple blogs, facebook, youtube, linkedin, flickr, and more. This is really useful.

Widgetbox lets you turn your RSS feed into a blog widget that can be posted to numerous social sites. Very clean and will help extend your reach.

Be sure to try both out....


Photoshop CS4 – Adobe Output Module

Richard Harrington shows you how to use the Adobe output module in Bridge CS4 to make websites, PDF slideshows and web galleries of your images. This technology is slick and easy to use.

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our iTunes version.

Richard Harrington discusses online video in the Odeo booth ( at the 2008 New Media Expo in Las Vegas.


More Than One Billion Users Will View Online Video in 2013

Recently came across a new article about the growth in online video viewership. Be sure to check out what ABI Research has to say...

“Sparked by increasing broadband penetration and rising connection speeds available to a growing percentage of the world’s population, over-the-top video has seen phenomenal growth in very recent years. A new study from ABI Research forecasts the number of viewers who access video via the Web to nearly quadruple in the next few years, reaching at least one billion in 2013.
“The rapid expansion of broadband video creates opportunities across a number of market sectors,” comments senior analyst Cesar Bachelet. “A wide variety of actors aim to gain a share of this fast-growing market: not only content owners such as the BBC and NBC Universal, and Internet portals such as AOL and Yahoo!, but also a range of new entrants including user-generated content sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion, broadband video sites such as CinemaNow and Lovefilm, and Internet TV providers such as Apple and Zattoo.”

See the full article...

PeachpitTV: Tech on the Road -Rich Harrington Talks Podcasts

Gary-Paul interviews video podcaster Richard Harrington at the Photoshop World '07.



Richard Harrington discusses online media distribution with Brett Wilson from, at the '08 New Media Expo in Las Vegas.


Audio Gear from Mackie

Richard Harrington looks at audio mixers from Mackie ( at the '08 New Media Expo in Las Vegas.


New Site to Find Out All About Us

To make things easier, we’ve put together a new website for RHED Pixel Productions. Here you can find out information about all our podcasts, books, DVDs, and websites. Think of it as one-stop shopping where you can find all our training materials.

Feel free to take a quick browse and try out some of our new resources. I hope you enjoy!


Camera Support Gives Your Wrist a Break

While at Photoshop World, I stopped by the Hoodman booth to check out new products. One in particular caught my eye. The WristShot Camcorder Support System takes the weight of the camera and transfers it to your forearm.

I tried a unit out and bought one... its a nice way to get stability and literally take a load off the wrist. The unit is designed to work with cameras up to 10 pounds. What’s also nice is that the unity includes a tripod adapter mount making it easy to switch from your standard tripod to the WristShot unit.

We did a video interview on the product and will have it up shortly. For now, check out the
company’s website.


Audio Gear from Edirol

Richard Harrington takes a look at audio gear from Edirol, a division of Roland, at the '08 New Media Expo.