Oct 2008


Richard Harrington examines how to deliver large files online with yousendit (http://www.yousendit.com/), at the '08 New Media Expo in Las Vegas.



At the '08 New Media Expo, Richard Harrington talks to David Chmura about Profcast, which allows you to capture your presentations to create advanced podcasts.


How to Fix Apple Compressor

If you’ve ever had issues launching Apple’ Compressor software, you’re not alone. The software seems to frequently get stuck and fail to launch. Fortunately, Digital Rebellion has a free tool to fix the issue called Compressor Repair.

“Apple's Compressor relies heavily on a service called Qmaster in order to work. Qmaster allows you to split rendering tasks across multiple machines in a render farm but it is still required even if you are only rendering on a single computer.The link between the two is so important that if the Qmaster service fails to launch, Compressor will be unable to submit batches. Should this occur, Compressor Repair checks for problems that could be preventing Qmaster from operating correctly. It checks for missing files, incorrect permissions, and attempts to manually start the qmasterd process.”



Richard Harrington discusses live, online streaming video in the ustream (http://www.ustream.tv/) booth at the '08 New Media Expo in Las Vegas.


Photoshop CS4 – Video Improvements

Richard Harrington shows you how to size pictures for video and work with video files in Photoshop CS4 .

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our
iTunes version.


Richard Harrington talks with David Duigan from panopto.com about how to get video and audio of presentations online for employees and students.


Want to Win Photoshop CS4 or Other Cool Prizes?

So... we’ve been running a contest to win free stuff (we’ll be drawing in late November).

So far we’ve got three copies of
Adobe Photoshop, an assortment of Joby Gorillapods, and copies of Nik Software and Digital Anarchy plug-ins.

Cool right? Its easy to win (and your chances are very good). Simply watch the videos at
CSFour.com or any of our embedded players.

With each video you’ll see a pencil shaped button. Click it to take a short (and I mean :45 seconds or less) survey.

You can take a survey one time only, that’s one time per video. Each survey counts as one entry. This means you have up to 15 chances to win prizes.

What are you waiting for? Free stuff is pretty cool.


Ready for the Upgrade?

Layers Magazine has a great artivle on their blog about what you’ll need to make sure your computer is ready for CS4. One important note for Mac users.... many of the applications require that you have an Intel processor... so keep that in mind.

“Working in tech, you almost take for granted being a gear junkie and having the most newfangled computer out there, but I’m sure there are a lot of you who want to make the jump that are unsure of what is technically needed, as well as other people out there that are ‘taking the plunge’ and getting the CS4 Suite in addition to a new computer to be able to hold it.”

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