Nov 2009

What is Google Chrome OS?

This looks to be something worth keeping an eye on. Google reveals more about their new Operating System.


The Economics of Music

"Of the new titles released last year, almost 99 percent of them didn't sell enough copies to let their creators earn a living from CD sales, and almost 95 percent of them didn't sell enough copies to cover the most basic expenses involved in their recording."


Check out the article Selling CDs is no way to make a living.


On-Camera Microphones for DSLR Cameras

The RØDE mic significantly extends pickup for the camera. This is the Rode VideoMic with PG1 Pistol Grip. We've also added the DeadCat Windshield.

There are several manufacturers that make external microphones that are designed to be attached to your camera. Manufacturers like RØDE offer specialty microphones mount on your hot shoe. The microphones can be plugged into the “mic” port on your camera.


DSLR Video Shootout

Head on over to ProVideoCoalition and check out my new article – an
in-depth overview comparing the Canon 5D, Canon 7D, Nikon D300S, and Red One. Lot's of other goodies and a ton of video clips as well.


Interested in DSLR Video?

I've launched a new Facebook group for those interested in DSLR video.

The page serves two purposes.
1. I'll share what we're learning about DSLR Video.
2. I'll let you know things about the new book and DVD I'm developing.

I hope you can stop by and join us.

We've got a ton of
video clips posted to give you ideas.

We've also opened a
forum, so please post a question or comment.


It's Time to Stop Diabetes

"Every 20 seconds. That's how often someone is diagnosed with diabetes."

You need to check out the new Stop Diabetes site.... it's time we end this deadly disease.